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Commercial Growers

For Commercial Growers to add mycorrhizae to their crops we recommend our OMRI listed and CDFA Organic Input Material registered Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant.


● Boosts plant and tree health through a stronger root system.

● Improves quality of soil.

● Requires less fertilizer and water.

● Lowers maintenance costs.

● Increases tolerance to environmental stresses.

● Transplants thrive with mycorrhizal inoculants.

● Protects roots from soil toxins, pathogens and disease.

● Creates a healthy environment, increasing the number of beneficial organisms.

● Reverses soil compaction problems.

● Contains most widely-used and high counts of Endo fungi spores.

● OMRI listed.


 ● This is a general-purpose inoculant for all Endomycorrhizae dependent plants, including most vegetables, grapes, fruit trees, berries, turfgrass, and flowers. It can be dusted on transplant roots, blended into potting soils, worked into soil before seeding, or scattered on lawns and flower beds.

● A 3-lb. jar will contain enough doses for 500 larger transplants (grapes, fruit trees), 1500 vegetable transplants (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), or up to 5000 closely-planted small plants (strawberries). For blending into potting soils, we recommend a minimum of 1 lb. per cubic yard.

● Our Micronized (BEIM) product can be used to coat damp crop seeds or can be mixed into water and conveniently applied as a drench to large areas of turfgrass, golf course greens, nursery seedlings, commercial vegetable crops,orbedding plants. It can also be blended into hydroseeding mixtures.

For larger growers please inquire about larger sizes of our mycorrhizae products.


● For 1-gallon plants, use 1 dose in the planting hole. For 5-gallon plants, use 2 doses. For the largest plants, use up to 5 doses. There is no need to ever use more than 5 doses on any plant – the objective is simply to get the fungi established on a root, and they will then colonize the entire root system as well as neighboring plants.

● For garden row crops, such as corn or beans, apply 1 teaspoon per linear foot and work into top 2-4 inches of soil before seeding, or work a half-teaspoon of inoculant into soil under larger seeds, such as melons or squash. Dust a half teaspoon on transplants such as tomatoes, peppers, or bedding flowers.

● A 3-lb. jar of BEIM will treat up to 2.5 acres of closely-planted seeds or pasture, 6400 square feet of turf or flower beds, or 5000 small nursery seedlings.   As a soil drench mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, each gallon will treat 50 square feet.

● Please contact us for recommendations for your specific planting situation.