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Mycorrhizae for Cannabis and Hemp

For Cannabis and Hemp growers  we recommend the BioOrganics Mycorrhizal Inoculant Plus.



● Designed specifically for the complete biostimulant (mycorrhizae and bacteria) needs of cannabis and hemp growers.

● Improves quality of soil.

● Requires less fertilizer and water.

● Lowers maintenance costs.

  • Higher yield potential.

● Reverses soil compaction problems.

● Increases tolerance to environmental stresses.

Can reduce wilting

● Protects roots from soil toxins, pathogens and disease.

● Creates a healthy environment, increasing the number of beneficial organisms.


● This product has been specifically tailored to the needs of cannabis growers by selecting the most important species of mycorrhizae and bacteria.

● It provides a quick and easy way to apply fungi spores and ensures that spores will be in perfect position as the roots begin to grow.



  • 1 dose (teaspoon) per plant applied directly to the roots just once through the life cycle of the plant.  There are approximately 133 doses per lb.
  • Water soluble, so it can be applied as a spray, through an irrigation system or in a hydroponics system.
  • For maximum benefits, use only lower-analysis gradual release  fertilizers, preferably organic.

● Fast-acting, high-analysis fertilizers may harm the mycorrhizal fungi.

● Avoid  use of soil-drench or systemic fungicides.