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Home Gardener - Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae for the Home Gardener

Creating healthy soil is our business. Originally developed for serious commercial growers, now home gardeners can take advantage of the same formula.  Our mycorrhizae based bio-stimulants allow growers to add life to soil.  Plants will not only thrive but also grow naturally healthy produce and provide chemical free lawns and gardens.

Creating a healthy biologically active soil environment should always be the first goal of any gardener. If done properly, then almost everything else about growing plants becomes very easy.  Mycorrhizae can help a plant absorb 10-50 times more nutrients to allow plants to perform to the peak ability producing, better yields, more taste, and healthy soil through all natural and organic methods.  Our products:

ο Boost plant and tree health through a stronger root system

ο Improve the quality of soil bringing it to its more natural state

ο Use less fertilizer and water

ο Allow transplants to adapt and thrive

ο Cost effectively create chemical free produce, lawns and plants/tress

ο Protect roots from pathogens and toxins


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