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Vineyards & Orchards - Mycorrhizae

For Vineyards and Orchards (non organic certified) we recommend the Mycorrhizal Root Dip.

If you are an organic certified vineyard or orchard please see our OMRI listed Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant.


● Designed specifically for the mycorrhizae needs of wine vineyards and orchards.

● Boosts nutritional status of vines through a stronger root system.

● Improves quality of soil.

● Requires less fertilizer and water.

● Lowers maintenance costs.

● Reverses soil compaction problems.

● Increases tolerance to environmental stresses.

● Brings vines into bearing sooner.

● Protects roots from soil toxins, pathogens and disease.

● Creates a healthy environment, increasing the number of beneficial organisms.

● Contains a horticultural hydrogel powder (non-organic) that creates the slurry when mixed with water for easy application to vine roots.


● This product is widely used by large wine vineyards and commercial orchards for new plantings (to apply to existing plantings please see our Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant).

● It provides a quick and easy way to apply fungi spores to bare-root transplants and ensures that spores will be in perfect position as the roots begin to grow.

● If your existing vines/fruit trees are not performing how you would like, consider our Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant for direct application to the roots or through the cover crop bordering the vines.


● Stir into water at about a 1:24 ratio (3/4 cup of inoculant per gallon of water or 42 cc per liter).  The resulting mixture will cling to roots with very little dripping.  A 3lb. jar will treat up to 500 tree or vine transplants.