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Landscapers - Mycorrhizae

We have created a mycorrhizae product specific to the needs of Landscapers, our Landscape Inoculant. 


● Boosts plant and tree health through a stronger root system.

● Improves quality of soil.

● Requires less fertilizer and water.

● Lowers maintenance costs.

● Increases tolerance to environmental stresses.

● Valuable transplants thrive with mycorrhizal inoculants.

● Protects roots from soil toxins, pathogens and disease.

● Creates a healthy environment, increasing the number of beneficial organisms.

● Contains most widely-used  and high counts of Endo and Ecto fungi spores.


● An all-purpose product.

● Can be used on any type of plant - Endo or Ecto dependent

● Available in bulk for major projects or for native plant restoration projects.

● Requires only a teaspoon of the inoculant scattered in the planting hole, for most landscape tree and shrub plantings.  Very large tree transplants may call for larger dosages.

● For maximum benefits, use only lower-analysis gradual release  fertilizers, preferably organic.

● Fast-acting, high-analysis fertilizers may harm the mycorrhizal fungi.

● Avoid  use of soil-drench or systemic fungicides.

● Optimal for watering-in mixed freeway plantings.


● Our Landscape Inoculant (LA) powder comes in 3-lb. jars that contain 500 doses (about a teaspoonful).

● For 1-gallon plants, use 1 dose in the planting hole.  For 5-gallon plants, use 2 doses.  For the largest plants, use up to 5 doses.  There is no need to ever use more than 5 doses on any plant - the objective is simply to get the fungi established on a root, and they will then colonize the entire root system as well as neighboring plants.

● For seeded or turf areas, we recommend applying the spores as a drench after seeding or sodding, at a minimum rate of 1 lb. per 2000 sq. ft.  Use this same rate for hydroseeding applications. Note that the exact dilution is not critical – just the area covered.