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Nurseries - mycorrhizae

For mycorrhizae for nurseries we recommend both our Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant (BEIM) and our MycoMinerals.  BEIM can be used as a light drench on seedlings and MycoMinerals can be mixed with potting soil. 


● Establishing mycorrhizae before transplanting creates a head start for plants and trees to thrive.

● Provides a stronger foundation for plants and trees to fight diseases and pathogens.

● Boosts plant and tree health through a stronger root system.

● Pre-inoculated transplants create higher customer satisfaction.

● Improves quality of soil once transplanted.

● Requires less fertilizer and water.

● Lowers maintenance costs.

● Many "hard-to-propagate" types become easy to grow.


● Apply BEIM as a light drench to seedlings.

● Mix MycoMinerals with potting soil (available in bulk orders).


● Our Micronized Endomycorrhizal Incoculant (BEIM) powder is water soluble and comes in 3-lb. jars that contain 500 doses (about a teaspoonful).

● Blend MycoMinerals into potting soil at a rate of 1 cup per cubic foot.