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A New Hope

As the new General Manager of BioOrganics I would like to briefly introduce myself and update you on the new developments at the company.  As Don mentioned in a prior newsletter, I have joined the company to work with him on the business operations as he moves toward full time growing in his new location.  I am very excited about the opportunity to be part of such a groundbreaking company in a very important market.

As I have learned more about the company, it is very evident that the time and effort Don had put behind formulating the products has really created a distinct advantage in the market and an incredible reputation with many types of growers.  Based on my communication with many of our customers from many different geographical locations, I continue to be amazed at how well the proprietary blend has worked on various types of crops and in different situations.

Our products meet the needs of all sorts of growers.  From organic commercial growers who use our Endomycorrhizal Inoculant for improved performance and organic certification, to vineyards who employ our Mycorrhizal Root Dip for its ease of use, to commercial microgreen growers and potting soil manufacturers who have tested our MycoMinerals against many other formulas, to landscapers who are able to use our diverse blend of endo and ecto spores in any setting, the results have shown incredible performance.  The rigorous scientific grow tests conducted by Don on the proprietary formulas, over many years, have truly created a superior product in what is becoming a very fast growing area of the agricultural market.

My goal in working with Don is to build out the operations, continuing to provide the best products and services to our existing customers as well as expanding the reach of the products to the numerous growers it can benefit.  As part of our new initiatives, we will be moving the main operations to New Hope, an agricultural town in eastern Pennsylvania.  It is not far from “The Mushroom Capital of the World” in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and even closer to the spot where George Washington crossed the Delaware in the Revolutionary War.  We like the symbolism of the agricultural revolution, from synthetic to biological methods, which we hope will begin to accelerate even further (a New Hope for healthy soil).

In addition, we have updated the websites ( (  All of Don’s prior newletters since 2001 are online in a sortable and searchable format.  As you likely already know, they contain a wealth of information for professional growers as well as those new to the world of mycorrhizae.  New to the website we have included answers to many frequently asked questions about the products and mycorrhizae as well as a list of plants and their endo or ecto matches.

We welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions or issues regarding the websites as well as any suggestions or comments about our products.  I look forward to continuing Don’s series of newsletters.

Thank you and, as always, good growing.

Graham Phillips
General Manager

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