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Bacillus, Trichoderma and Mycorrhizae

We are often asked if we include other beneficial microorganisms in our products.  Some users simply want to be sure they are getting just the mycorrhizal fungi and others would like other organisms in the mix.  We have traditionally not included other microorganisms because of mycorrhizae’s ability to create and to regulate biological diversity in the soil.  Our focus has always been on just the mycorrhizal fungi.  However, as growers have been exploring the interactions of different microorganisms, in particular bacillus and trichoderma, science has advanced to where these can be duplicated (most are naturally found in healthy soil or good compost) and more easily and with more predictable results. In this case, we have looked at the optimum compliments to mycorrhizae.  The applications where we see this as most important is with hydroponics and remedial soil.

We have been studying the effects of different organisms and there are a number of scientific studies that have published a variety of grow test results, incorporating the interactions between different organisms.  In general, the more biological diversity of microorganisms, the more advantageous it is for growing.  Beneficial bacteria such as bascillus help plants with nutrient uptake and increase root mass for improved health, growth and can also protect roots from pathogens.  Trichoderma, another fungi, also protects plant roots and soil, maintaining overall health.  In healthy soil, when mycorrhizae forms you will often see the presence of the other beneficials.  In addition, growers using compost tea will likely be adding many beneficials to their soil which should also boost health and plant performance.

We always tell growers it never hurts to boost these counts of other beneficials, however, for most commercial growers the key is finding the  most cost effective manner to create the optimal biology mix.  Each grower has a different situation and often has refined their methodology with trial and error.  Usually mycorrhizae is at the heart of their biology, but if they are dealing with a setting where other biology needs to be manually added they usually find a way to do this.  We have been experimenting with some optimal mixes and intend to offer the best compliments possible to our existing products.Stay tuned for some new product developments…Our goal has always been to optimize plant performance through biology and any way we can enhance our existing mix of products we will.

Good growing,

Graham Phillips

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