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Goodbye, Oregon

The news this issue is that BioOrganics has moved, leaving the high desert of Central Oregon to relocate in the mild coastal climate of Santa Maria, California. This northern part of Santa Barbara County was recently featured in the movie "Sideways" and has become a major wine producing region.

Besides bringing the company closer to many of our vineyard customers, it will be nice to not have to deal with snow during the winter months. I am also looking forward to having more than a 90-day growing season here.

Our customers and dealers should not notice any significant change in service - orders will simply be shipped from a different western-state location than before. It has been an experience dealing with the telephone company, but hopefully the new system is all in place by the time you read this. Our toll-free number is unchanged - 888-332-7676.

The line of products is also unchanged - powder inoculants that can be dusted on transplant plant roots, mixed into potting soils, dissolved in water and applied as a drench, a clinging root dip for bare root plants, a landscape inoculant for ornamentals, and MycoMinerals - a soil amendment product for home gardeners.

We're coming to the time of year when crops are being harvested and new cover crops are being seeded. For both commercial growers and home gardeners, it is the time to make soil investments that will pay off next spring. Adding volcanic trace minerals and organic matter to the soil is best done in the fall, and seeding a fast-growing cover crop is much better than leaving the soil bare. Besides giving your valuable soil organisms fodder, the roots of the cover crop will decompose and add more soil-loosening benefits. (But be sure to choose a cover crop that won't turn into a weed problem - some wildflower mixes, for example, will contain undesirable grasses and aggressive perennials.)

Good growing, friends.

Don Chapman
President, BioOrganics, Inc.

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