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The Mycorrhizae Product Mix

Happy Holidays.  We hope everyone had a good year and look forward to next year.

One of the questions I receive quite often is about the difference between our inoculants and our MycoMinerals product.  I wanted to take the opportunity to try to explain the differences and benefits of using one versus the other, or both.

All products were designed to enhance the root development of plants as well as the surrounding soil, to create a healthy biological soil environment.  The ultimate goal is to have an underground assortment of earthworms, beneficial bacteria and fungi that can decompose organic matter, digest and process mineral elements into forms that plants can use, generate needed nitrogen, and actively protect plant roots from diseases and pathogens.  Historically, BioOrganics started out producing high spore count inoculants designed for commercial growers, with the purpose of introducing the valuable fungi to high value plantings such as grapes, fruit trees and landscaping ornamentals.

Our inoculants (Endomycorrhizal Inoculant, Landscape Inoculant and Root Dip) have been designed to directly and economically introduce the spores to the roots of individual plants.  Although the uses overlap for the inoculants, each was created for more specific applications and methods of implementation (for example our water soluble format).  The core mycorrhizal elements are similar in their use across applications (unless used with ecto-dependent plants where growers would need an ecto solution such as the Landscape Inoculant).

Years after the inoculants were introduced, MycoMinerals was then developed as a garden product for broadcasting or tilling into vegetable or flower beds.  The main purpose behind MycoMinerals was to enhance soil, often where the ground has to be worked up.  It contains mycorrhizal fungi, but the emphasis is also on the minerals and other ingredients.  It is used primarily for soils that may lack trace minerals, where it is important to add these essential mineral components.  It is based on the principle that plant roots could continually access the soil additives as they grew outward and gradually create healthier soil for plants to thrive.  The most common uses have been adding life to potting soil and raised beds.  We have had some commercial growers who use it for larger projects when their soil needs a little more help.

In addition, the MycoMinerals is more of an all-in-one-product.  Although we recommend the use of dry organic fertilizer, it can be used on its own and many growers choose to use it in this manner without additional fertilizer.  Once active in the soil, it helps produce the slow acting N-P-K needed for plant development through its role in the creation of a living soil.

We have developed a chart that outlines the uses for each of our products.

The overlap allows growers to use one product (which they may have chosen for a specific use) on other applications with similar results.

As always, please let us know any specific application questions or comments.

We wish everyone the best in the New Year.


Good Growing,

Graham Phillips
General Manager

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