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Is Mycorrhizae Naturally in My Soil?

I am often asked the question “why do I need a mycorrhizae product, isn’t it naturally in my soil?”  This is often a complicated question to answer and with another spring season just around the corner, I find it an apt topic to address. Mycorrhizae does occur naturally in the soil and mycorrhizal fungi has been around for millions of years.  Even in very unhealthy soils one can find traces of mycorrhizal fungi.  The issue facing growers when they decide whether to use commercial products is determining the amount of mycorrhizal fungi present as well as the species of the...

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The Economic Benefits of Going Green

Although we find ourselves in the depths of winter here in New Hope, PA, we have been busy with conferences and trade shows.  In this newsletter, I wanted to take the opportunity to write about a subject I just spoke about during a presentation at the NJ Plant show, The Economics of Going Green. When considering a conventional to organic approach, many studies have relied upon the top-line revenue increase based on selling organic produce as a primary reason to make the economic switch.  I have been looking at the bottom-line implications of natural or organic methods. Top line v....

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The Mycorrhizae Product Mix

Happy Holidays.  We hope everyone had a good year and look forward to next year. One of the questions I receive quite often is about the difference between our inoculants and our MycoMinerals product.  I wanted to take the opportunity to try to explain the differences and benefits of using one versus the other, or both. All products were designed to enhance the root development of plants as well as the surrounding soil, to create a healthy biological soil environment.  The ultimate goal is to have an underground assortment of earthworms, beneficial bacteria and fungi that can decompose organic matter,...

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Proposition 37

Having moved from California, I did not have the privilege of voting on any of the propositions this past election. Of particular interest was Proposition 37, which would require the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food. Specifically the proposition stated: Requires labeling on raw or processed food offered for sale to consumers if made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways. Prohibits labeling or advertising such food, or other processed food, as “natural.” Exempts foods that are: certified organic; unintentionally produced with genetically engineered material; made from animals fed or injected with genetically engineered...

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Chemical Free Lawns and Fields

The movement toward lawns and fields free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is gaining momentum. It is not just concerned home owners. In fact, a recent article illustrates the desire of parents to have their kids play sports on chemical free fields. Pesticide Protest: Soccer Moms Play It Safe, Keep Kids Off Fields Over Chemical Concerns (Huffington Post, 10/12/2012) The parents were concerned with a synthetic weed killer that contained two known carcinogens. "Concerns from local soccer moms and dads who learned a synthetic weed killer containing at least two possible carcinogens would be applied to fields one day before...

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